Marketing Guide for Real Estate Agents

During the current lockdown, private inspections for established property listings in metropolitan Melbourne are banned, meaning virtual inspections will be the only alternative.

This guide would also be helpful for Agents across Australia looking for ways to increase their marketing reach and buyer engagement.

Divesh Sareen & Mayur Christi September 7, 2020

Budding buyers and vendors are itching to push ahead with their property plans in spring — traditionally the year’s busiest selling season — is here.

Melbourne’s spring market could be dominated by private sales rather than the usual auction action — and any auctions we do see will be held online until COVID-19 restrictions ease.

But the change in selling style is unlikely to stop vendors from listing their homes during the busiest property season of the year, experts say.

As the lockdown is extended and the spring season already in bloom – The question arises what would the real estate advertising look like now?

The major solution to reach out to potential buyers and keep them engaged has usually been: 2 major portals, print advertising for local buyers, and Facebook ads. The question is would that be enough in the current market scenario?

Drum roll.. introducing Real Arena

Real Arena is an augmented reality app, that allows Real estate agents make their brochures (both print and digital) more interactive.

Adding this app to your marketing arsenal will help you stand out from your competition.


Buyer interest remains strong, due to the pent-up demand leading into what is normally a very busy spring selling season. However, both parties are tentative (and rightly so!) in current climate.

Real Arena has 4 key services that could increase your vendors and buyer’s confidence. Each of these products are designed to assist Real estate agents in different stages

1. Branding

  • Flyer dropouts and mailbox dropouts is a common practice amongst Real Estate agents to enhance their branding. However, it is difficult to measure reach of these marketing activities
  • Real Arena allows you to make these mail dropouts engaging by using advanced image recognition. Not only does it make an immediate impression on your prospective vendor but the app reports on important insights including total viewers and their location

Check out these short demo’s of possible branding options

2. Convincing the vendor

Demonstrate your depth as a real estate agent by showcasing pivot marketing solutions in your vendor meetings.

Increase their selling confidence by offering them Matterport and marker less virtual tour options in your marketing sheet.

Including options that actually have the wow factor and you can display at your appraisals to try and stand out and get that authority signed.

Check out this short demo below

3. Engaging the Buyers and Selling the property

So, I hope you’ve seen the video now and agree it’s got that cool ring to it. I fell in love with it the day I saw it and have been working for a while to bring it to life like this for Real Estate agents that want to stand out from your competition.

Matterport and Markerless will help you increase buyer engagement for both existing properties as well as the off the plan properties.

Both technologies allow buyers to inspect and re-inspect the property multiple times before making a final decision, naturally increasing buyer’s trust in you as a real estate agent.

To summarise, you now have access to a technology that can make your print marketing material and electronic mail images and floorplan interactive and can re-engage your buyers.

So how can we assist you in the whole process now?

  • You can save the YouTube video link above on all your devices (they will always be there on our website under Online Demo)
  • Print some copies of the marketing schedule below and make it part of your vendor marketing kit
  • Place an order online on (Vendor can pay direct as well) or call / email us
  • We will activate your image for scan within 48 hours and notify you once it has been activated

4. Marketing schedule

The schedule below is a guide on what a lot of real estate office normally use.

Introduce Augmented Reality to your vendors – Include the below marketing sheet in your vendors marketing guide.

I hope this article helps you smash through your targets this spring, Happy Selling!

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