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How to Interact with Property Buyers during lockdown?

Mayur Christi August 23, 2020

Residential construction is a $105 billion business in Australia and, as Australia’s fourth biggest sector, it accounts for 8 per cent of GDP.

As Victoria seems to cautiously lock down to stem the spread of the coronavirus, Home building and renovation industry has been impacted significantly.

During the lockdown as the sales and marketing teams are finding it increasingly difficult to engage with potential buyers

Homebuilders will have to embrace what is now becoming to be the new normal for the wider real estate industry and look at innovative marketing solutions to continue engaging with the buyers

Pivot Marketing
We’re actually seeing a transition in the marketing methods due to current lockdown restrictions. The tools that Home builders and Real Estate Agents have at their disposal are substantial – Online Auctions, Matterport and most important one – Augmented Reality.

By adding these tools in the marketing mix home builders, and real estate agencies can make the process transparent and frictionless for the consumer.

How does Augmented Reality help with customer engagement?
Your Potential buyers can virtually inspect the property with or without your property brochures using augmented reality. Below are 2 options to use augmented reality in your marketing mix

  • Option1 – With Brochures:

Add augmented reality to existing sales brochure and flyer drop offs to interact with Potential buyers. Buyers simply download the Real Arena App, scan the floor plan and view it in 3D

  • Option 2 – without Brochures:

Upload the listing floor plans to your website – Buyers scan this floor plan using Real Arena App and walk through the property VIRTUALLY.

Here is a quick demo of how both the options work, Sound on Please!

It’s innovative Tech must be expensive.
NO! We’ve created a solution that is user friendly and cost effective. No initial investment required to develop the app or any ongoing costs to maintain it.

Pricing model -Home builders, real estate agents or vendors Pay per listing to list and enable augmented reality on property for sale.

Contact us today for Enterprise pricing of 10 orders or more.

Builders’ confidence and opportunity
Industry experts have confirmed there has been a drop in owner occupier buyers in the last 2 months and the confidence in home industry

Once we get through this in September, with interest rates at an all-time low and home builders grant of $25k – There will be significant opportunities for businesses, large and small to really push on with work.

The question is – How will you look back at this phase? Will you look at this phase as a “quarter where you missed your sales targets” or as an opportunity to upscale your marketing and sales collateral into the 21st century?

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